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Stick to the Schedule

Melissa Leonard
Gleim Chapter Coordinator

Our most successful candidates have found that they pass the exam with less time and effort if they develop a study plan before they start preparing and stick to it. They evaluate their resources, consider factors that may influence their available study time, and then formulate a schedule.

Without a schedule, you cannot allocate your valuable time when the unexpected comes up. Your study schedule is your game plan!

The first step is to examine your current situation. Write down how many hours each week you spend at school or work. If you are a student, how many hours a week do you allocate to studying? How much time do you require for sleeping, eating, grooming, exercising, commuting, and playing?

Set up a study schedule with the time remaining. Keep in mind that you must make sacrifices during exam preparation. Thus, you will probably have to curtail leisure activities. But if you make the necessary effort, you will have to restrict your normal lifestyle in this way just once and not have to retake the exam. Make your study schedule work for you. While some people can only study for a short time, others like to study for hours. The best plan is to study for several hours each day of the week.

Another consideration in developing your schedule is the time of day to study. Some people like to get up early and study 4 am – 6 am, while others prefer the evenings. Pick the time when you are most productive. The more efficient and productive your preparation is, the less time you will have to spend studying.

Once you have a plan that meets your needs, you need to stick to it with discipline and determination. One effective way is to start and complete a Gleim study unit every two days if you are preparing to take two parts within four months. You may never be completely satisfied with your preparations, but you must stay focused and on schedule.

Share your success! I would like to hear how you passed the CMA Exam. Email Melissa Leonard at with your questions and feedback.

Gleim is committed to helping you become a CMA. Your Hampton Roads IMA Chapter has partnered with Gleim to ensure your success on the CMA exam! Working together, we will provide the necessary tools to prepare you for this difficult exam.

As a Hampton Roads Chapter member, you receive significant discounts on the Gleim CMA Review materials and Gleim CPE. Contact Melissa Leonard at 800.874.5346 ext. 131 or to take advantage of the offer or if you have any questions.

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